Following the acquisition of Blue Leaf in January 2021 by Wolf Data Systems, William Storey, the Wolf CEO committed to nominate Reach My Street it's group wide charity, providing a major boost.  


Every child has a right to life, a right to laugh and a right to play and it is our responsibility to allow them to do that without fear or prejudice. We have long been aware of the plight of orphans across some of the poorest regions in the world, but it was only when reading about the a specific case in Romania that we were moved into action. At the beginning of the first UK national lockdown, in March 2020, founders Chris and Zoe Lomas read of a case in one village (alone) near the City of Iasi, where 72 expectant mothers checked into a maternity hospital, gave birth, then left without their babies, sentencing their children to a life of institutional care. 



When it comes to rescuing children from institutional care, and child trafficking, every second counts and is essential our building programmes are completed in record time. Our ambition is to build and run more than 50 new homes, in addition to the 50 already built, across Romania and Moldova and get as many vulnerable children out of state run orphanages as we can. We are making progress, but we can't do it without the extraordinary support of so many incredible people. No matter how small, or large, every penny you donate makes a real difference, a difference you are welcome to come and see for yourself. Your support will directly help rescue children from a life of abject poverty and despair, with many in danger of becoming the victims of crime and abuse.   


Whilst private sponsorship is invaluable, it can in no way bridge the phenomenal gap between what we have and what we need. Never has there been a greater need to seek the resource of organisations that do not see Corporate Social Responsibility as a marketing pitch, but a commitment from the Board Room itself. We have very little to offer those who support us, other than sharing with the world your incredible generosity and the opportunity to see first hand how your support is impacting vulnerable individuals on the ground. We are able to offer trips for corporate partners to come and see the work we do first hand and welcome ideas and insight into how we can do even more.