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Orphan's School Supplies Appeal

We want to raise £9,000 to provide essential schools uniforms and equipment to more than 300 orphans across Moldova. 

We are looking for 300 people who will help equip orphans right across Moldova with a brand new uniform, sports outfit, books and pens ready for their first day at school.


Unfortunately we don't have a huge amount of time and need to act fast. Do you know anyone who would be willing to donate just £30 so that an orphan will look back at this school year with fond memories?   


We help support to more than 50 specially designed children's homes across Moldova that provide care and support to more than 300 orphans. 

We all remember our first day at school, dressed in our brand new uniform, clutching our brand new bag, filled with brand new equipment. For most of us, this brings back happy memories, but for the orphans of Moldova, this can be an embarrassing and emotional time. 


For thousands of children across Moldova, Europe's poorest country, the first day back at school can be traumatic, with few sporting new clothing or the correct equipment, which can lead to isolation and bullying. 


For 300 children at least, we want to change that and provide them with everything they need for the new school year and ensure, that in years to come, they will look back on this time with fond memories.   

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The average salary in Moldova is as little as £125 per month, with many parents looking after more than 10 orphans each. This results in huge financial pressure and makes it impossible to equip children with everything they need for their first day at school.  

House-Parents are doing an extraordinary job, bringing up desperate children, as their own, helping change their lives and give them real hope for the future. 


We want to reward their incredible dedication by removing the burden of sourcing new uniforms and equipment for the children in their care.