Out of the mouths of babes

Reach My Street "Kids" was the brain-child of Hudson and Madelynne Hirst who on learning about the plight of children, their age, in Moldova, wanted to raise money to look after them.


Who better to support children in emerging countries, than children in developed countries, right?   

The great thing about children, is they don't understand can't and when you present them with a challenge, they come up with a solution. 

Crafts Activity
The Challenge..

We want to invite children from developed countries to come up with different ways to help us support children in Europe's poorest country. 

Whatever it is; whether is writing a song, like Hudson and Madelynne, a sponsored bike ride, saving your pocket money or making things to sell, we'll advertise your campaign on our web site and social media channels. 


Everything you do will help transform the lives of children just like you. And so, we want to hear about your ideas. Whether you're doing it as a school, or simply on your own, please get in touch and we'll start talking about it. 

With your help, we will make a difference.