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When it comes to rescuing children from institutional care, and child trafficking, every second counts and is essential our building programmes are completed in record time. Our ambition is to build and run more than 50 new homes, in addition to the 50 already built, across Romania and Moldova and get as many vulnerable children out of state run orphanages as we can. We are making progress, but we can't do it without the extraordinary support of so many incredible people. No matter how small, or large, every penny you donate makes a real difference, a difference you are welcome to come and see for yourself. Your support will directly help rescue children from a life of abject poverty and despair, with many in danger of becoming the victims of crime and abuse.   


Major airlines showing human trafficking messages from Liam Neeson

Knowing the signs of human trafficking can mean the difference between life and death. That means each and everyone of us can play a part in spotting the signs and rescuing someone trapped in modern day slavery.

Join the fight and spot the signs..

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Every penny you give is spent helping change the lives of vulnerable children, who face unimaginable circumstances.  

Your donations means so much to us and welcome you to either use the following bank details are the link below.

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