Chris and Zoe Lomas, who live in the South of England, gave up everything to respond to the plight of orphans across two of the poorest countries in Europe. From business and educational backgrounds, Chris and Zoe are keen to build on the incredible work already underway in Moldova and Romania and to use their respective skills to reach and support orphaned children and victims of child trafficking, as well as the families caring for them.


Born in Romania, Zoe moved to the UK in 2006 to take up a position as a French and Spanish teacher. Despite leaving her home town of Iasi, she has maintained close links, travelling back regularly to see her parents and support impoverished families in Romania and neighbouring Moldova. 



Chris is a born entrepreneur and has sat on the Board of several businesses. Despite his humble beginnings, Chris has established himself as an authority on commercialising businesses and supporting other entrepreneurs. The proud son of a Pastor, Chris has remained true to his roots and followed his Father into ministry, combining his love of people and business.  


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