Reach My Street is a part of The Potters Hand Charity and in conjunction with Ark Discipleship Church, we provide critical support to vulnerable families across our communities.

We provide a range of support across both Portsmouth and Havant and rely on the incredible generosity of people across our community and beyond to help make a difference to peoples lives. 

In these uncertain times people are afraid and simply don't know how they are going to survive from day to day and we stand in the gap, giving hope to people stuck in a cycle of fear and desperation.

The following is just some of the service we provide. 

  • Nutritional meals

  • Foodbank

  • Fareshare

  • Money Advice

  • Elderly Clubs

Despite making a huge difference in peoples lives, we want to do more and have a plan to reach 1,000 families with life-saving help and support 



We are always looking for like minded people to get involved. It doesn't matter who you are, or what your background is, we can't do this alone.

The size of the challenge is too big for the few and will take a whole community to reach those in desperate need and so PLEASE get in touch to see how you can Reach My Street!

Covid 19 has brought with it, it's own challenges and we are well positionsed to provide invaulable support to the most vulnerable across our communities.


If you find yourself with time on your hands, then we want to hear from you and join a growing team of  people who simply want to love on their community and show desperate people they're not alone. 

We love what we do and our greatest reward is seeing how it positively impacts peoples lives. 

This is just one example of the work we do, handing our critical food parcels to hungry people across Leigh Park.  

We are keen to expand what we do across our region and are actively looking for like-minded organisations, such as local churches and charities who would like to get involved. 

Now more than ever we need to extend the hand of love and make sure that no one goes hungry.

Thank you to everyone who donates so generously, we love and appreciate each and everyone of you.


Chris and Zoe Lomas 

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